We Are Displaced (Orion Publishing Group)

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Every religion and culture has a tradition of helping those in danger and distress. I do not think of us as different, but of all humanity as one country, where every person deserves equal rights, no matter whether they are black or white, man or woman, rich or poor. Since I can't build schools in every area that needs one, and I can't stand at every border handing out water and clothing, I will do what helped me to spread my own message of education for all: I will tell their stories, as well as the stories of others forced to flee their homeland. If more people understand that 50 million refugees means 50 million stories of fear, of upheaval, of an unknown future, and of hope, perhaps more people will act with open hearts. I hope that when you read these true stories, you will be inspired to stand with the millions of refugees who need our voice and our help.'The book will be formed of two parts - the first will expand on Malala's own experiences as a refugee, when she was plucked from a remote valley in northern Pakistan and transported to Birmingham. In the second part, Malala will share the stories of 20-25 refugee girls she has met on her travels along with some famous men and women from the present day and throughout history who you may not know are refugees.